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Featured Products

About Us

The Future of Disinfection is Now


Who We Are

SANO-D is your life essential. We are here to protect, lead and care for you and your loved ones.

It is our duty to ensure efficient and effective disinfection at all times.


We work to provide only the best quality products and services for the present and for the future.


Our Formula

Revolutionary product formula with a long-lasting depot effect, providing hours of recontamination inhibition.

Free from carcinogenic or mutagenic effects, it swiftly eliminates germs and viruses in just 1 minute, outperforming alcohol-based solutions by 10 times

Our Mission

As industry leaders since our founding, we’re accustomed to working with companies in all industries and household consumers.


As a team of professionals, we deliver quality goods that adhere to the highest standards. 

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Life's Essentials





25. D'Pure.png

Efficiency testing of
Sano-D vs Alcohol

A total of 4 videos were recorded to prove that our products are more efficient than alcohol-based products. Please click on the button to go to YouTube to

watch the full videos.

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