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Shopping malls

Shop till you drop

Do not be afraid to shop again despite the crowds. Safety guaranteed from shop to shop, product to product.

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Cleaner than you expect

Our disinfectants which range from hand sanitizers to general surface disinfectants all prevent renewed contamination. Additionally, our disinfectants continue to fight germs and viruses for up to 18 hours. Shop as long as you want, we will be alongside you from shop to shop.

Come back home even cleaner than you were before.

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Shopping Mall with Mirrors

Keep shopping

We will take care of the rest

Railings, door handles and lift buttons are high touchpoints that all sorts of germs and viruses live on. We often exercise caution when touching these points to prevent ourselves from being exposed to such harmful organisms. 

With SANO-D disinfectants used throughout the environment, be not afraid to hold onto anything and especially in your shopping experience. 

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